Questions To Get The Spain Golden Visa

It is normal to have questions

It’s common to have many doubts regarding certain aspects of Spain’s Golden Visa, questions can come up at any stage of the process. A good example of this is if your Golden Visa application is rejected, what’s the best thing to do in that case? This and other questions will be answered in this article. However, before reading on, we strongly recommend you to read our article explaining the Golden Visa in Spain.

Can I make several investments totalling half a million euros?

Of course you can! When it comes to real estate investment, you can acquire several properties that add up to a total value. Once this value reaches the sum of €500,000, you can apply for the Golden Visa. This is precisely the reason why many people see this type of investment as attractive and versatile. For example, you can acquire a property valued at €300,000 and a local property at €200,000. The important thing is to reach half a million.

From which Agency is the Golden Visa requested?

You can apply to the Golden Visa through the Large Companies and Strategic Groups Unit (UGE-CE by its Spanish acronym). Established in 2007, this agency is responsible for processing residence authorizations for investors, scientists, entrepreneurs, or highly qualified professionals interested in carrying out operations that benefit the economy and development of Spain. All following the law 14/2013 that supports entrepreneurs and their internalization, i.e. the law that regulates the Golden Visa.

What to do if your application is denied?

Even though the UGE-CE may deny your application, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing else you can do. The best way to proceed is to file an administrative appeal with the General Secretary, which has 1 month to notify its decision. And even if the result is not favorable, you can still file a contentious administrative appeal within 2 months. During this process, our professionals can take you by the hand so that through these appeals they can re-study your case and grant you a Golden Visa without needing to worry about anything else.

If the investment was made more than a year ago, can you still apply for the Golden Visa?

One of the most common doubts, if the investment was made more than a year ago, is it still possible to apply for the Golden Visa? And the answer is, yes, you can, and the procedures would not change at all. There is only one requirement, the investment has to be after 2014 when the law 14/2013 (Golden Visa) came into force. In other words, if you invested in a property in 2017, you can still apply for a visa or residency. Unfortunately, if that same property was acquired in 2012, it will not be a valid investment to apply for the Golden Visa.

What are the differences between the Golden Visa and a non-profit residence permit?

The differences between the Golden Visa and a non-profit residence permit, mainly lie in the entity to which you go to make the application (UGE), the few requirements for the Golden Visa, and the benefits it grants. Also, unlike other permits, you are not required to reside in the territory for six months every year with the Golden Visa.  In addition, the Golden Visa will allow you to move throughout the Schengen zone. You don’t have to apply in person, and you can include your direct relatives (spouse and minor children) so that, they also have the benefits of the Golden Visa.

How often must it be renewed?

You must renew the Golden Visa two years after its first issued, and after that time the permit will be extended to five years at each renewal. It is vital that you still meet all the requirements for the Golden Visa your investment, medical insurance, and that you can certify that you continue to have the necessary financial means for you and your family. In addition, after the first renewal, you can begin the procedures to apply for Spanish nationality.

How long can I stay outside Spain without the Golden Visa losing its validity?

Any other residence permit of the General Regime establishes a limit of absences not exceeding 6 months in the period of 1 year in the case of temporary residence, however, in the special regime of the Golden Visa, it will only be necessary that you travel to Spain once a year. This will give you complete freedom to move around the Schengen zone, either for pleasure or business.

How long will take to be processed?

The time will depend on whether you have invested, it will depend on whether you are inside or outside Spain, for example:

  • If you are outside Spain: you will apply for a residence visa for investor at the Spanish Consulate in the country of residence. The term of response is 10 days.
  • If you are legally in Spain or have an investor visa, you can apply for the investor residence authorization at the Large Companies and Strategic Groups Unit (UGE-CE). The response period is 20 days.

Remember that after this, the only thing left to do is to apply for the foreigner’s identification card (TIE) at the police station. The issuance of the physical card is not immediate but at the time of application you will be given a receipt and, after approximately 40 days, you will be given the physical card (TIE).

Can your family also receive Golden Visa benefits?

As mentioned in other questions, of course it’s possible! You can include your family members in the program to enjoy the same benefits as you as a Golden Visa holder. However, it is limited to the inclusion of your spouse and minor children who are financially dependent on you. You may also include your adult children and parents, as long as they are dependent on you.

How can our law firm help you with the legal paperwork?

Although the Golden Visa has simpler procedures compared to other residence permits, it’s still one of those processes in which the requirements and documents must not be neglected. We know that your time is valuable and, therefore, we guide you at all times, we prepare the documentation that is in our hands, we submit the application electronically, and we follow up the application for your Golden Visa. Leave the work to us and concentrate on the most important thing, your investment.

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